Rob Prophet's Biography

So many People confuse Rob Prophet to be a South African the answer is no.

Rob Prophet is a South African based International recording and performing Artist. He is originally from Uganda and a proud Muganda. Born in a family of five, one sister and three brothers, Rob is the last born. His parents are, the late Ben Kanoonya and Sylvia Kanoonya, from Gombe Wakiso District 17 kilometres from Capital Kampala. He started his music career at a Roman Catholic Missionary School, which was found in the Eastern part of Uganda at the age of 7.

He played a role as a brass band commander and conductor in the pupil's brass band, which was found and funded by the missionary white Priests from Holland. Rob Prophet is a Roots Rock n Roll Reggae live performing and recording Music Artist, who sings along with his 11/13 piece backup band, Black Prophets Music Reggae Band.

His birth names are Robert Kanoonya, whereby Robert is a Christian name and Kanoonya the family name. He is called a Prophet because he dreams his songs, wakes up late night to compose, write and arrange. And not to forget, that is where the band name ideology came from. "Since the music Rob dreams is prophetic, his stage name is Prophet, and since all band members are blacks, then we are Black Prophets Music Band".

Rob Prophet started composing and playing instruments e.g. trumpets, side drums, trombones, rhythm guitars and keyboards at the early age of 9. While at school, music lessons were compulsory hence an advantage of exploiting the fields of written and practical music.


At the age of 9, he started composing and singing before church congregation and church choir. At the age of 16 with such musical experience at hand, he had the opportunity to perform in so many Jazz and Brass bands in Capital Kampala, for the whole of his teenage life bands like Skywaves, Bantu's Band, Afrirena Jazz band, Elly Wamala band, Outspan brass band, Sunrise brass band, Omega brass band to mention but a few, know who Kanoonya is.


With his earnings, he managed to pay his school fees as well as transport costs to school. He also managed to pay house rent, as his family never welcomed him late night from the daily performances. His mentors are Lucky Dube, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and Alpha Blondy, Rob is produced by legendary Thuthukani Cele from the slaves Lucky Dube Band. The Prophet composes, pre-produces, writes, arranges and performs his music.