Black Prophets Music Records: Peace, Unity, Justice, Love and Reconciliation.


The Prophets Music Band  

Black Prophets Music reggae band was found by Rob Prophet also known as Robert Kanoonya in Johannesburg South Africa in November 2006. The Roots Reggae Electrifying Band plays live performances exactly the way you listen to the Music Audio and videos CDs, with more sensitive touching Message similar to that of Lucky Dube, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley. The Prophets band we are based in Johannesburg South Africa. We have recorded three Albums, two International and one local album. The International Albums goes by the titles We need love and Holiday of love both having twelve and ten tracks respectively. And the local album is called Jennifer with ten tracks. The Prophets we play Music in so many international languages namely English, Swahili, Ganda and Zulu to mention but a few.


What is the Music all about.


The prophets we play Music with a moral message to be delivered to Jah Children, and as most people know about Reggae Music, it’s all about daily happenings (the things that happen to our neighbors and to our selves).


The Group Members,


We are eleven performers, with Rob Prophet as the composer, writer, arranger and the Leading Vocalist. Reggae Veteran Thuthukani Cele is the Executive Producer, Tinashe Madzima is the Drummer, Khanya Ngciphe first keyboardist, Conference Khoza second keyboardist, Andile Nqubezelo is the Percussionist, Kabelo Mathebula is the bassist, Aubrey Kganthe Mphahlele is the lead Guitarist, Ntombizodwa Tshabalala backup vocalist, Busisiwe Lunga backup vocalist, Phindile Ndlovu back up vocalist. Samuel Jacob Effiong the wizards of the wind instruments, making a total number of Eleven members.


Our Sound Engineer and Executive producers are reputable all weather reggae veterans, who have worked with Lucky Dube on all his album recording and tours and also so many South African Internationally recognized artists, and overseas artists like Simple dread, Kanda Bongo Man and Eddy Grant etc. They are International and nationally recognized veterans, in sound engineering and quality work production. They have been working with Teel Records prominently known as Gallo record company. Their names are Dave Segal from Forest Studio and Thuthukani Cele a reputable keyboard player and lead singer/producer.


What the Prophets do Besides Music?

We are all educated and working in big professional offices, most of us are professional engineers and some are doing other professional work, from our own companies called RNK Printing, Matrix Modifiers and Black Prophets Music Records.


Where to find our Music.

Our music can be found in more than 250 International online shops, the below are the few we can quickly and briefly name;


       Apple iTunes, Amazon MP3, Amazon on Demand, 24/7, Muve-Music, rhapsody, Myspace, xbox, rdio, mndigital, iheart, tunecore, digitalmusicnews, sonyentertainmentnetwork, wimpmusic, Engadget, gracenote, shazam, simfy africa,, emusic, deezer, 247media, 7digital, tradebit, Greatindie, Loot, cdbaby and many more the list is endless, Stores like Kalahari in East Africa, Bella Naija Music in West Africa, Ebay, CD Universe are all on the list.

           We also have endless airplays on Radio Jango one of the reputable international worlds Internet Radio. We are also on Radio Pandora the Most listened radio worldwide etc.




We Need love artwork

We need Love: This is a song which advocates for HIV infected and affected people.


Owomukwano: It is a love song which reminds partners that if your partner tells you that he or she loves you she really means it most times.


Bless the Children: This a song which talks about Rob’s past life and similar situations, so many children go through hardship and suffering.


Ndugu Zangu: This song urges people to value and support one another.


Letter of Commitment: This is a song which makes any woman any man proud of love.


Johnny: Johnny is a song which talks about a well behaved boy, who turned violent due to the economic and social hardships. This song also urges the children to say no to xenophobia.


Give it to Jah: This a gospel song which reminds people of what God has done, and put in place hence if they trust and believe in him all things will be possible.


Sweet Angelina: This a song Rob wrote for all the girls out there who play hard to get, yet they are deeply in love with a man. He got inspired by the Baganda traditional cultured girls. Though to him he says it is the only way to over stand, the intensions of your spouse to be.


Peace, Unity & Justice: Here Rob was talking about politics how politicians get the votes from us, and after when they get to the government we get forgotten. Also it talks about people to appreciate and love one another.


Abort the System: A gospel song whereby Rob talks about daily happenings, also show the children light and encourage them to trust in Jah the almighty (God).


Be Good: This is a song which condemns women who are after money, instead of offering real love to their spouses.


A woman: A woman is a song Rob wrote for his mother and all the women out there, the harassment, hard ship they go through to raise the children and maintain their families.



Holiday of love artwork

 African Continent:  In this song Rob extend the grievances that Africa is facing, like hunger, endless wars, disunited, talking about our irresponsible leaders etc.


Is this love. If love was all about misery, unfaithfulness and constant rivalry then marriage is pointless.


Holiday of love. Rob was trying to convince his lover to give him a holiday of love, because they had parted for some time yet she was not willing to listen.


Justice. This when Rob talks about corruption in the judiciary and big government offices, coupled with injustice to prisoners who are sometimes innocent which act is so rampant in the our today modern societies.


Criminals. This truck names the fallen legends like lucky Dube, Peter Tosh etc who have been victims of crime and a piece of advice is extended to the criminals to stop their aggressive measures.


Black Voodoo. In this song Rob calls for respect for each other’s culture be it white, black, colored, Chinese, Indian name it and restoration of togetherness.


Another Chance. He sings about his fiancée who had left him the time he needed her most hence begged for another chance.


Rasta man. Rob advised artists to sing sensible pieces which should teach good morals to Jah Children and at the same time discourage immorality.


Born Poor. This all about poverty but in most cases its being brought about due to intimidation of foreign cultures, aid and governance.




Stage arrangement



"Reggae Music Art And Culture"

Peace be upon you all, Jah Love.


Rob Prophet Peace, Unity, Love, Justice and Reconciliation. Jah Bless, Jah Children.