Johnny was a good, good citizen inna community where we used to live.

          A humble, social man inna Society, respectful to the young and old

          As a young man struggling for his future, through hardship he lost control.

          Conniving with the bad company of the century Johnny, Johnny became a  bad man

          No respect for human creation, terrorizing every one where ever he goes.

         Looting their properties taking their lives, making them homeless every day.




         Telling Them

         This is not your motherland my friends, Go back Go back where you born.

         Telling Them

         This is not your country comrades; Go back Go back we don't need you.

Now Johnny



        Stop the practice of the xenophobia

        (Johnnyx2 and become a good man)

       Stop the practice of the xenophobia

        (Africans and live together us one)

      Stop the practice of the xenophobia

      (Jah People and try to unite) x 2





       The brothers, the sisters, parents, relatives tried to advised Johnny but hesitant.

       Till the long arm of the law of the government came in Johnny prosecuted

       Weeping in prisons. Yet according to the judge, Johnny commit a capital offence, and will stay in prisons

       For the rest of his life.

       Oh mamamai papapai Johnny's mama weeping on top of her voice

       Saying this is impossible oh my sweet Johnny (heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x2)

       What have you done to yourself boy (heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x2)



Is this a reward that you were looking for? (Johnny) x3

Have you reaped from your sweat Johnny? (Johnny) x3