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We kindly need your feedback

For some time now we have come to realize, that actions without repucussions is a dangerous game. It is for this reason, that we created this page to have feedback from all of you Worldwide. At the bottom of this page there is a form, that you can fill in and we shall get your message on a mouse click.

So many fans of ours would like to interact with us, but because of some unavoidable circumstances, you could not reach us. Now that we are trying to make, each and everything easy for you our best friends. We hope that we shall always have comments, in form of critics and appreciation. Critics help us so much to improve our production. We therefore, argue you not to be shy, or feel like you will oftend us. Just type what is in your mind, and we will definitely work on it, to improve our quality production. United we stand is the message from the Prophets.

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Admin Black Prophets Music Records..
"Reggae Music, art and culture" our fans hold the key to our success.

Comments 4

  • Gentle villaskisaid: 30 September, 2018

    great interview on youtube, are you guys on Amazon, iTunes or Deezer?

  • Marco Cardosoreply 08 July, 2018

    Muito bom,excelente reggae roots,visual magnifico,as vocalistas femininas são maravilhosas,tudo que um show de reggae precisa.JahGuie!

  • Patricia NomsaReply 08 May, 2018

    Very professional i think Africa is ready for another Lucky........just keep the pace..

  • Viola NakanwajiReply 02 March, 2018

    The day you guys gonna visit Uganda, i will buy a VIP ticket i just wanna have the best of you. where is your music?