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  • #Robert Kanoonya is the CEO for Black Prophets Music Records. He is a degree holder in Music Dance and Drama. Kanoonya is a qualified song writer, composer and arranger. His music experience started at a very tender age before he even joined standard one read more.

    Robert is a qualified IT Engineer. He is the founder of Black Prophets Music Band in 2006 Johannesburg. And the master mind of the Black Prophets Music (Pty) Ltd T/A Black Prophets Music Records.

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    Kitaka John is the Director of operations in Black Prophets Music Records. John also works as a marketing agent and branding wizard of Black Prophets Music Records abroad.

    Kitaka is an MDD diploma holder and learnt music from scratch starting from his tender age. Kitaka also has a Degree in computing and electronics. He has done alot to help our organizations grow and steady first in technology.

  • #Thakane Beauty Makara is the Marketing Executive officer of Black Prophets Music Band. Thakane holds a Diploma in Marketing, Advertising and PR. She also has Certificate in Procurement in Purchasing and Supply.

    She is working with a team of 4 people whereby, she is the head. Their duty is advertising the band, manage sales, plan for gigs/concerts. Talk to customers both locally and Internationally. Update our fans on the coming gigs and events, answer their queries and so on.